Henry and Rachel

Henry and Rachel





Brought to live with the George family as a child, all anyone knew about enigmatic Rachel was that she worked hard, making herself indispensable to the plantation. And she remained a mystery until the day she disappeared…even to her husband. Especially to her husband.

Henry was Rachel’s opposite—gregarious where she was quiet, fanciful where she was pragmatic. After years of marriage, Rachel left Henry and their oldest son without explanation and set off on a steamer for New York City with their other four children. Was her flight the ultimate act of betrayal or one of extraordinary courage? Eight characters connected by blood and circumstance reconstruct Rachel’s inexplicable vanishing act.

“Fans of Anita Shreve and Gaynor Arnold will enjoy Saville’s poetic, lyrical voice…”
“In this fictionalized version of her great-grandparents’ marriage, Saville imagines the personalities and circumstances that might have led Rachel to make such a drastic choice… It is, perhaps, this ache for a better ending that gives the book its power. We cannot change the course of Henry and Rachel’s story, but we can take action and change our own.”
–Historical Novel Society
“Written with the same intrigue, mystery and touching personal reflection that made Saville’s memoir, Unraveling Anne, so compelling, Henry and Rachel proves why Saville is such a promising new author in the genre.”
–Women’s World Magazine

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