Beneath the Trees

Beneath the Trees




An ambitious wildlife biologist, Colden McComb divides her time between hiking in the rugged Adirondack mountains, tracking moose and beaver, and navigating the halls of academia, jockeying for a place in the male-dominated, highly-competitive world of conservation research. Over the course of one tumultuous year, she becomes entangled with a series of strange and unsettling events that none of her scientific training can help her explain.

Best-selling author Laurel Saville uses her signature incisive prose and evocative imagery to create another page-turning story that picks up where her last novel, “North of Here,” ended. She brings her readers, once again, into the beautiful, brooding backcounty of Upstate New York, where Colden struggles to find connections between petty thefts, sabotage vandalism, sexually-explicit emails, office gossip, Sasquatch myths, grainy game-camera images, an elusive chimera, a teenage runaway, and the dark core of her own heritage. Working with her handyman father, her social worker step-mother, and a lawyer with secrets of his own, Colden is forced to confront not only the mysteries she finds beneath the trees, but also within her own heart.

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